Budget Lesson, Part 6

It’s been a month since I’ve written a post for the budget series, so I’ll be continuing that today.  See these posts for the history of this series.

This time, I’ll be reviewing my non-monthly bills.  These are the bills that have to be paid, but aren’t due on a monthly basis.  Some are annual, some are quarterly.

  • School Lunch – This could be cut by sending a bag lunch.   We pay about $1.25 per day for school lunch.   At that price, I don’t think I can beat the nutrition, let alone the convenience of the meal.  We pay this whenever the account gets below $10.
  • Property Taxes – We pay this semi-annually.  This bill goes up every year due to the ****** ***-******* ******-******* who don’t care about their constituents making ends meet.  ******* ***** ******* *******.   Huh.  Who knew WordPress came with a censor?  I could move, but I’d have to get out of commuting distance to get this down much.
  • Life insurance – I’ve got two quarterly life insurance policies.   I can’t get these much cheaper, but I should be able to next year.  The questions asked if I’ve smoked in the last three years, and that will be up on Halloween.
  • AAA   – It’s only been recently that I’ve owned vehicles reliable enough to avoid paying my AAA dues for me.   I could cancel this, but for $80 per year, the hotel discounts make it a wash.  One vacation per year comes close to making the difference.
  • Vehicle Registration – The only way to cut this would be to get rid of a vehicle.  I don’t think that’s possible for us.  We work in opposite directions and, for at least one quarter per year, spend too much time chasing around for activities.
  • Daycare – We’ve been using our current daycare provider since my oldest(10) was one.   When my youngest turns 2 in June, our costs will go down.   Without one of us quitting our job, this bill can only go down as the kids grow up.
  • City Bill – This bill combines our garbage, water, and sewer.   With three adults, three kids, and 5 animals in the house, reducing our garbage level is difficult.  We do try to manage our water usage in the summer, to keep that down.
  • Web host – I have a few domain names and a hosting package to handle my side hustles and miscellaneous projects.    This is a deductible expense.  I have been allowing my domain names to expire if the project isn’t being actively pursued.
  • Memberships – I have annual dues to two organizations.  I’m making payments on lifetime memberships, so these will be going away in about 18 months.

Reviewing this list, there doesn’t seem to be too much I can cut and accomplish any meaningful savings.  Am I missing something?

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    1. On the non-monthly expenses front I would add school field trips and sports sign up fees.

    2. I pull those out of the discretionary envelope. The sign-up fees are predictable. I should add those to the budget.

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