30 Day Project – January

This month, I have two 30 Day Projects.

My first project is to start waking up at 5am.   This will add an extra 90 minutes to my day, which will give me time to manage all of my other 30 day projects.   I’ll be able to wake up to a quiet house, walk the dog, eat breakfast and not start every day in a rush to get out of the house.  Today was my exception.  After watching 2010 arrive, I didn’t get up early.

The second project is to start reading to my children every night before bed.  We read to the kids often, but not every day.  That’s going to change.  We are also working on breaking the girls of the family bed.  If I can read them to sleep each night, it will help.  Good, educational family time that makes it easier to sleep every night.

These are both habits I want to keep long after the month is up.

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