Did I Die?

If you’re reading this, you should probably be able to guess that I have not, in fact, died.

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So your next question may be “What the heck are you up to, if you’re not posting here?”

That’s a valid question.

It’s been a rough year, and I won’t share details about all of it, but here goes:

I’ve been trying to focus on my marriage.  We’ve had some problems that take time to work out.   One of the problems is that I’m traveling for work at least monthly.  That sounds like staying in a hotel with nothing to do would be great for writing, but it never seems to work out that way.   There’s always something going on.

One of the solutions for that–in relation to my marriage–is that we are going on weekly date nights.  Every Friday, the boy watches his sisters and the wife and I go out.  We usually have a dance lesson, followed by dinner and some activity, which has meant actual dancing in actual bars on actual dance floors with actual bands playing live music.  It’s fun, but it sidesteps frugality completely.  The dancing lessons run $95 each.  Most nights, there’s a $5 cover at the bar where we dance, and dinner is somewhere between $50 and $100, depending on the restaurant and drinks.  So, we’re dropping $150-200 per week on dates.

Totally worth it.

The date nights have also spun off into a new venture.  Dating & Dining (click the link!) is the site where we document and review our dates.  We’re not reviewing our date, because that would be weird.  “Honey, you rocked my world when we got home, bu you were kinda crabby tonight.  I’m only going to give you 3 stars.”


We are reviewing the restaurants and activities we’re doing, using the traditional “Pants Off” rating system.  A really good restaurant will knock our pants off, sometimes literally.

That’s more writing and a lot of time gone.

On top of that, Linda has gotten both her motorcycle license and her carry permit, so there’s riding and shooting(never together!) to fill in the time.

And kids.  Kids–much like our dog, but totally unlike our pythons–want attention.   And food.  And games.  And a freaking overpriced American Girl Doll.  And time.  So we play games and bring out the Daddy/Daughter date.

In short, since we got our finances in order, I’ve been trying to draw back from being an obsessive workaholic and focus on the reason I became one in the first place: my family.

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Missing Money

Last week, I checked my credit card account only to discover I was over budget by nearly $1000.




It threw me into a bit of a panic.  How could we possibly have spent an extra grand without knowing it?

We didn’t buy new furniture.  We didn’t buy new computers. We didn’t buy a new car. We didn’t take any trips.

Oh, wait.

I did take a trip.  I went to work headquarters for three days.  That’s about a $500 mileage allowance, plus three days of restaurant meals.

I forgot to file my expense report.

That’s where my money went.

Somehow, in all of life’s wonderful hustle, I neglected to ask my company for the almost $1000 they owe me.  That’s an oversight, for sure.

Luckily, we keep that much padding in our other accounts, so I don’t have to pay interest on that money, but still.

That’s my money and I forgot about it.

I’m so not happy with myself.

What’s worse, is that even though I figured out the problem last week, I still haven’t gotten that expense report filed.

It’s not procrastination, I swear.  I’ve just been absentminded and keep forgetting to do it.  Right now, I’ve got “EXPENSE REPORT” written on my whiteboard to remind me to file it.

Cuz I’m going to do it tomorrow.

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